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Data and creativity: A match made in marketing heaven, with Keith Povey


In this episode of Let's Talk Revenue Marketing, host Paul Sweeney is joined by Keith Povey, Director of Revenue Marketing at Panaseer, a cybersecurity automation and data analytics company, to discuss how data can be used as a springboard for creativity in marketing.

While data and creativity are often seen as at odds, Keith argues they go hand-in-hand. Data provides the foundation for creativity by revealing patterns and trends that inform the direction creative efforts should take. 

It acts as a jumping-off point to spark ideas and frame the challenge.

Keith points to Netflix and Amazon as leaders in the data-to-creative flywheel, constantly testing and learning from user data to recommend content and tailor experiences. For startups, provocative creativity is essential to get noticed by your target audience and connect emotionally when they can't compete on brand awareness with industry giants.

Rather than competitors, data and creativity must work in partnership – with data guiding creative direction and creativity bringing campaigns to life – to generate marketing that resonates emotionally yet remains accountable to results.

‎Let’s Talk Revenue Marketing: Data and creativity: A match made in marketing heaven, with Keith Povey on Apple Podcasts
‎Show Let’s Talk Revenue Marketing, Ep Data and creativity: A match made in marketing heaven, with Keith Povey - 21 Feb 2024

About Keith

Keith Povey is an experienced marketer with a checkered past… Checkered in the sense that he has worked in a mix of the agency world for six to seven years and also on the client side for 13 years – having the chance to work for and with the likes of IBM, Verizon, Sony, Optiv, Feefo, Cisco and SAP.

Keith is passionate about blending data-driven strategy with provocative creativity to generate engaging, accountable marketing.

Key takeaways

  • Why data provides the foundation and direction for creativity in marketing.
  • How creativity brings data-driven ideas to life through empathy and emotional connection.
  • Why leaders must find the right balance between creative expression and business impact.
  • How provocative creativity cuts through the noise to connect with personas.
  • That while AI handles repetitive tasks it still needs human oversight.

And more.

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Stevie Langford

Stevie Langford

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Data and creativity: A match made in marketing heaven, with Keith Povey