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Why the future of marketing is cross-functional and customer-obsessed

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In today's highly competitive landscape, successful marketing requires more than just a strong brand and a compelling message. Companies must be customer-obsessed, and have a cross-functional approach that involves all aspects of the organization.

If you missed this panel at our London event, don’t worry! You can catch up right here by reading all the incredible insights from our speakers:

🔷 Chris Hooper, Global Director of Content Marketing and Creative at Veriff

🔷 Keith Povey, Director of Revenue Marketing at Panaseer

Read their thoughts on cross-functional and customer-obsessed marketing, including:

  • Organizational structures and relationships
  • The importance of customer empathy and obsession
  • Why marketing needs to shed its subservient role
  • Shifting mindsets towards revenue alignment and unified customer understanding
  • Strategic marketing and putting the customer at the center

Organizational structures and relationships

Keith Povey: Hello everyone, I’m Keith Povey, I run a team of 10 in a series B cybersecurity startup with ridiculously unrealistic growth goals on a quarterly basis that keeps me awake at night.

Chris Hooper: I'm Chris Hooper, I work for a company called Veriff, which is a global IDV, identity, and verification specialist. We primarily sell to financial services companies.

My role is primarily around content, I look after our global content team. I've worked most recently for a company called GoCardless, in the FinTech space. And then prior to that, I was working at consultancy capacity for very big tech companies, the big cloud providers.

So I've seen both sides of things from that big multi-faceted, organizational way, through to something that's a bit more manageable and growing. So, let’s start with the cross-functional bit first.

Keith Povey: I think it's come up so many times, the words alignment and sales. The nemesis/best friend of all of us. The closet marketers, because it's so easy to be a marketer, right? Because everybody in sales can tell you how to do it. We’ve all felt those pains.

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Chris Hooper, Keith Povey

  • Chris Hooper

    Chris Hooper

    Chris Hooper is the Global Director of Content Marketing and Creative at Veriff.

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    Chris Hooper
  • Keith Povey

    Keith Povey

    Keith Povey is the Director of Revenue Marketing at Panaseer.

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Why the future of marketing is cross-functional and customer-obsessed