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Scaling your business with Revenue Operations

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I’m Paolo Negrini, Head of Marketing Ops, Tech, and Analytics at Adobe. I’m here today to talk about an important topic. From the title, you may think it’s all about revenue operations (RevOps), scaling your marketing, technology, and marketing operations. But there’s one more thing to consider, which is change.

I want to show you how business is transforming, specifically in marketing and sales. We all know about how to align with marketing and sales, but they also need the ability to change. As businesses, we can help each other ride the wave of transformation.

Over the past couple of years, we've seen dramatic change due to the pandemic, and remote working. Businesses have changed substantially.

As individuals, we are quite resistant to change because it's challenging and often feels like a threat. We don't know what's driving it or what will be on the other side, making it challenging to adapt.

So, let’s look at what’s driving the change, especially in sales and marketing. What are the key drivers? How are businesses adapting to it?

In this article, I’ll cover:

  • The evolution of marketing and technology
  • The rise of the Chief Marketing Technologist
  • The RevOps framework
  • The five pillars of revenue operations
  • The benefits of RevOps: Creating a neutral, holistic, and integrated approach
  • Building a revenue operations framework

The evolution of marketing and technology

Source: Paolo Negrini

Marketing has changed. If you look at the history of marketing, it’s all about technology and how it transforms how we engage with marketing.

From posters, telegraphs, TV, phones, Facebook, Instagram, all these tools. But if you think about it, those are ways in which people are communicating with each other.

Marketing has evolved through the years because it is a way to communicate and share things with others. The more we see technologies and tools that are connecting more and more people, the more we see systems and technology that support those tools.

Source: Paolo Negrini

Marketing technologist Scott Brinker has a really cool chart that shows the explosion of technology in the marketing space over the past decade. You can see a 30x increase in technology aspects that support this change.

However, with this explosion of technology comes the challenge of managing multiple tools and panel systems. How do we effectively handle all of this? That's the challenge.

The rise of the Chief Marketing Technologist

Source: Harvard Business Review

This article from 2014 shows the rise of marketing technologists, as marketing becomes more and more technology-dependent. These are the types of people who are embedded into the tech side of the business, traditionally handled by shift technology officers or chief information officers.

However, now the CMO is coming into the picture more and more. A marketing technologist looks across the organization and helps the CMO make the right decisions in terms of what to invest in and what is relevant.

This person is a bit of a scientist on one side, but also a creative person who handles onboarding the marketers and manages the relationship with different vendors.

Written by:

Paolo Negrini

Paolo Negrini

Paolo is the Head of Marketing Ops, Tech, and Analytics at Adobe.

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Scaling your business with Revenue Operations