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How marketing SDRs can 6x marketing’s time-to-revenue

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In the realm of marketing and sales, perspectives on Sales Development Representative (SDR) placement have always been a topic of vibrant discussion.

In a market where the alignment between marketing and sales is often the linchpin of sustainable growth, understanding and strategically deploying SDRs can be the pivotal factor that propels a company forward.

I’m Anton Belo, and recently, I embraced a new chapter in my career as the VP of Growth Marketing at Kochava. With 15 years of marketing experience under my belt, spanning various company types from startups to upstarts, I’ve spearheaded company growth in the zero to 80 million range across different organizations. 

In this article, I’m going to delve into the multifaceted world of SDRs within the marketing sphere, exploring strategies, sharing experiences, and providing insights into how effectively aligning SDRs with marketing initiatives can not only enhance lead generation and pipeline creation, but also significantly impact time-to-revenue. 

SDR: A critical role with varied placement

The perpetual debate in numerous companies revolves around the optimal placement of SDRs. Should they be nestled in the “fluffy world of awesomeness” that is marketing, or should they be positioned firmly within the sales realm? 

Written by:

Anton Belo

Anton Belo

Anton Belo is the VP of Growth Marketing at Kochava

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How marketing SDRs can 6x marketing’s time-to-revenue