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“Being part of RMA’s vibrant community has truly enriched my career”

Case studies

Here’s what Franisha Hayes, Director of Marketing at KMJ Web Design, has to say about being part of RMA’s community.

How did you find out about RMA's community? 

I first learned about the RMA community by browsing LinkedIn for marketing connections. 

Upon further research, I was impressed by the diverse range of resources, networking opportunities, and educational events offered by RMA

The prospect of being part of a vibrant community dedicated to advancing marketing knowledge and expertise greatly influenced my decision to join.

Why did this community stand out above market alternatives? 

RMA stood out to me because of its comprehensive approach to supporting marketing professionals at all stages of their careers.

The community offers a robust platform for learning, networking, and professional development, with access to exclusive resources, industry insights, and mentorship opportunities

Additionally, the active engagement and support from fellow members were key factors that persuaded me to become part of the RMA community.

Which aspects of the community do you find the most valuable? 

The most valuable aspect of the RMA community is the wealth of knowledge-sharing and collaboration among members. 

Through engaging in discussions, attending webinars, and participating in workshops, I've gained valuable insights into emerging trends, best practices, and innovative strategies in marketing.

For example, I've learned new data analysis techniques, discovered effective digital marketing tactics, and received feedback on my own projects, all of which have directly impacted my professional growth and success. 

The Slack channel is always full of engaging people and new information.

Have you gained any knowledge from the community that you can transfer into your day-to-day practice?

The RMA community has provided me with invaluable insights into various aspects of marketing, from consumer behavior to branding strategies.

These insights have directly influenced my day-to-day practice by informing my decision-making processes, guiding campaign strategies, and enhancing the effectiveness of my marketing efforts. 

For instance, implementing data-driven approaches learned from RMA webinars has significantly improved the ROI of our marketing campaigns.

How has the community helped to enhance your marketing credentials?

Engaging with peers and industry experts has not only expanded my knowledge base but has also validated my expertise within the marketing field, strengthening my professional reputation and credibility.

How has this experience helped you to network? 

The RMA community has been invaluable for networking, allowing me to connect with like-minded professionals, potential collaborators, and industry leaders.

Through attending events, participating in forums, and joining special interest groups, I've built meaningful relationships that have led to collaborative projects, mentorship opportunities, and lasting friendships. 

These connections have not only enriched my professional network but have also opened doors to new career opportunities and personal growth.

How has this experience impacted your professional growth?

Joining the RMA community has had a profound impact on my professional growth, providing me with the resources, support, and opportunities needed to advance in my career. 

By actively engaging with the community, seizing learning opportunities, and leveraging networking connections, I've been able to enhance my skills, expand my knowledge, and achieve greater success in my role as a marketing professional.

What would you say to fellow marketing professionals considering joining RMA’s community?

I would highly encourage fellow marketing professionals to join RMA's community without hesitation.

The wealth of resources, networking opportunities, and educational support available through RMA can significantly enhance your career trajectory and professional success. 

Whether you're looking to expand your knowledge, build your network, or stay ahead of industry trends, RMA provides the platform and community you need to thrive in the ever-evolving field of marketing.

Any final thoughts?

I’m grateful for the connections I've made, the knowledge I've gained, and the support I've received from fellow members. 

Being part of RMA has truly enriched my career and I look forward to continuing to learn, grow, and contribute to this vibrant community.

About Franisha

Born on March 12, 1988, to teen parents who aspired for her to read beyond school, Franisha Hayes has surpassed expectations, becoming a self-taught professional with a remarkable journey in marketing and web design.

As the Director of Marketing at KMJ, Franisha brings over a decade of expertise, backed by relentless self-education and hands-on experience.

Professional journey: Franisha's journey began at MLK Hospital in Los Angeles, where her passion for helping others ignited.

Though initially aspiring to become a doctor, her trajectory shifted towards graphic design and web development.

Joining KMJ as an assistant, she swiftly climbed the ranks to her current role, wielding proficiency in graphic and web design, SEO, Google Ads, data analytics, and social media management.

Industry leadership: Franisha's impact extends beyond her role, as she serves as the VP of Web Design for the American Marketing Association Las Vegas chapter and is set to lead as President in 2025-2026.

Her commitment to industry excellence is evident through her workshops, webinars, and speaking engagements, where she educates on data-driven strategies, SEO techniques, and the synergy between content and SEO.

Furthermore, Franisha's leadership roles have included serving on the board of LETIP as the secretary until the chapter's closure in 2015 and as a board member of the American Advertising Federation Las Vegas from 2017 to 2018, where she spearheaded community pro-bono marketing projects.

Currently, as a board member of AMA Las Vegas, Franisha conducted a full website audit and made recommendations upon joining, resulting in improved user-friendliness and a reduction in site user complaints. She will serve as the President-Elect from 2024 to 2025.

Unique value proposition: What sets Franisha apart is her unwavering honesty and directness. Known for providing practical insights and realistic guidance, she fosters meaningful relationships with clients, empowering them with knowledge and understanding.

Her approachability and willingness to learn alongside her clients distinguish her as a trusted advisor in the industry.

Speaker and educator: Franisha's passion for teaching extends to various platforms, including workshops, webinars, vlogs, and industry events. Through initiatives like the KMJ vlog series "IYKYK" and the "Tiny Mic" interviews, she shares insights, keeps audiences updated on technology trends, and amplifies industry voices.

Additionally, Franisha has hosted informative webinars in collaboration with the American Marketing Association Las Vegas chapter.

Franisha Hayes embodies the essence of a modern marketing strategist – an industry leader, educator, and empathetic advisor. Her journey from humble beginnings to industry excellence exemplifies the power of perseverance and continuous learning.

With her dynamic expertise and genuine passion for helping others, Franisha continues to make a lasting impact in the marketing and web design landscape.

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Stevie Langford

Stevie Langford

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“Being part of RMA’s vibrant community has truly enriched my career”