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B2B brands bossing video marketing

B2B video marketing

Video marketing is one of the most powerful tools in the marketing toolbox right now.

With video expecting to account for an incredible 82% of all online traffic in 2022, B2B marketers can’t afford to neglect this medium a second longer.

We recently released our B2B marketing ones to watch 2022 report, highlighting those brands that are encapsulating all the hottest marketing trends, including video marketing.

You can download the report today! But if you want a quick overview of some of the nominations, you can find five of our standouts here, all chosen for their creative use of video and narrative-driven content.


A global market leader in cloud business management solutions, Sage is a software company that manages accounting, finances, payments, operations, and people. They provide a suite of products for businesses of all shapes and sizes across the globe.

Sage is one of the B2B brands most active on the fastest-growing social media platform, TikTok. They are showcasing the possibilities for B2B on TikTok with their national brand campaign Boss It. As a long-time champion of SMEs, the partnership was a match made in heaven, as the video platform allows them to reach a wider audience of young business owners, demonstrating their support for SMEs and inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs. And it’s a good thing, too, given that 54% of Gen Z have entrepreneurial aspirations!

Their UK-wide #BOSSIT2021 Challenge invited SME owners and entrepreneurs on TikTok to express how they’ve been thriving over the last year, despite all the challenges. The campaign celebrated the wins, however big or small, of businesses on TikTok, putting the spotlight on them and championing their small business creator community.

Throughout the year, they racked up a collective 3.3 billion views over thousands of entries and decided on a winner for their amazing prize. During a year fraught with hardships, Sage really went the extra mile to help small businesses feel supported by giving them a platform to show off their resilience and creativity.

In 2022, video marketing is set to become even more crucial in the B2B space as a larger proportion of internet traffic is made up of video content. TikTok’s growing popularity puts it right at the forefront of this trend, and Sage is already ahead of the game with their video content output on the platform. We’re excited to see what direction their video content takes in 2022!


Schroders is an asset manager that manages the investments of institutions, intermediaries, and individuals to help them meet their financial goals and prepare for the future. They actively manage their clients’ assets, channeling the capital into sustainable and durable businesses.

In 2021, Schroders ran a campaign called Beyond Profit, highlighting their commitment to ensuring that their investments are about more than just the returns and financial gains, but that they enact positive change to create a better future. They believe that profits only tell half the story, and have shown a commitment to showcasing how their investments do good in the world.

Their video series MyStory showcases some of the companies they work with that have introduced environmentally friendly initiatives, like a company in Japan credited with overhauling Japan’s systems and sentiment around recycling, or a French manufacturer that developed a hydrogen-powered train that emits only water.

Schroders’ Beyond Profit was a great anchor for sustainability-focused user-generated content-driven campaigns, highlighting an innovative way B2B brands can get messages across in an authentic way. There’s an increasing desire in both the B2C and B2B space for companies to share the values of their audiences, and the environment is an important issue for many people. That’s why we’ve included Schroders as one of our ones to watch, as this kind of authentic, user-generated content is set to become more prevalent in 2022.

TikTok for Business

A subset of the newest, fastest-growing social media platform, TikTok, TikTok for Business allows brands to unleash their creativity with authentic video content that connects with their audiences around the world. With video marketing rapidly on the rise in the B2B space, TikTok for Business provides an easy way for companies to grow their audience and grow their brand.

TikTok for Business provides an expanding platform for businesses to offer unique content, particularly for a younger audience, including aspiring entrepreneurs. The platform has been well utilized in the B2C space, but more B2B brands are seeing the exciting opportunities TikTok for Business offer them.

TikTok for Business was awarded B2B Brand of the Year at The Drum Awards 2021, recognizing their successful relaunch as a global brand and platform, changing the way both marketers and audiences see advertising. They were also ranked #1 in AdAge’s annual Marketers of the Year.

They also revealed their Year on TikTok 2021, a campaign designed to showcase small businesses on the platform. It celebrates the brands that struck a chord with the community over the last year, spanning businesses of all sizes and sectors, demonstrating the creativity they brought to the platform and community.

Video marketing is on the rise, and B2B needs to catch up with all the innovative campaigns going on in B2C. We’ve included Tiktok for Business in our list because they’ve demonstrated just how creative and innovative B2B can be when creating video content on their platform, and we’re excited to see what’s to come in 2022. Not only are they a great B2B brand to watch for inspiration, but also one more and more brands will have to utilize as TikTok rises in prominence as a B2B social media platform.


ProfitWell provides industry-standard business intelligence solutions that improve retention and monetization. Their goal is to provide businesses with accurate reporting and analytics for subscriptions, reducing churn and optimizing monetization.

ProfitWell utilizes video marketing with Recur, the media arm of their company that’s dedicated to producing content about SaaS-related topics and businesses. They engage their audience with episodic content, providing a mix of both education and entertainment, reaching an audience base that would not read content, but would be willing to watch it.

ProfitWell runs a variety of shows about different industry-focused topics, such as their Pricing Page Teardown, which is aimed at software companies trying to solve their pricing. By focusing on these niche audiences, they can produce top-of-the-funnel content that reaches not only a large audience, but a large audience of the right kind of customers.

ProfitWell ticks off two key trends we expect to see in 2022 with their marketing: the increase in video content usage; and thought leadership. With their very own industry-focused video content, they’re positioning themselves as an authority in their industry while also taking advantage of a channel rapidly growing in the B2B space. That’s why we’ve included them in our ones to watch in 2022.


Oneflow provides SaaS contract automation, taking the hassle out of contract signing. Their platform does away with legacy systems like paper and PDFs, making contract signing admin non-existent, replacing it all with the simple tap of a button.  

Oneflow uses dynamic, engaging ads on social media, from unique video content to informative blog posts. They tell the story of their business in every step of the funnel in a creative way.

They utilize clean and stylish imagery that wouldn’t look out of place in a B2C campaign. By utilizing some of the more engaging marketing aspects of B2C and applying them to B2B, they’ve been able to effectively grow their brand.

In 2022, we expect storytelling to be a key component in B2B marketing, providing a narrative that helps customers solve problems, rather than sell a product. That’s why Oneflow has made the list, with their engaging, creative video content that sells a solution to a problem, we can expect big things from them in 2022.

Want to learn more about what top marketing strategies B2B brands are utilizing in 2022 to stay ahead? Download the B2B marketing ones to watch 2022 report today!

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Written by:

Hannah Wesson

Hannah Wesson

Hannah has worked in content marketing since graduating and has a wealth of experience writing for a wide range of B2B and B2C companies.

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B2B brands bossing video marketing