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Engage, convert, retain: Understanding and identifying your customers

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This article originates from a panel discussion at the Revenue Marketing Summit in London, 2022. Job titles and companies are correct as of the time of recording. Catch up on this presentation, and others, using our OnDemand service. For more exclusive content, visit your membership dashboard.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of marketing, understanding and identifying your customers is paramount to success.

More than ever, customers expect personalized experiences, meaningful interactions, and solutions that cater to their unique needs. To meet these expectations, businesses must delve deep into the realm of customer understanding.

In this article, we explore the multifaceted journey of understanding and identifying customers, uncovering key insights from industry experts across diverse domains.

Our panel:

  • Charlotte Fords - Head of Brand Marketing and Engagement at heycar
  • Lilian Oke - Field Marketing Manager at Indeed
  • Luke Richardson - Senior Director of Brand and Comms at Pleo
  • Ilias Tsatalmpasidis - Head of Growth at Superscript

From B2B to B2C, recruitment to tech companies, we delve into the approaches, challenges, and triumphs experienced by our panel in their quest to comprehend their customers.

Unveiling customer identification tactics: Assessing lifetime value and beyond

Ilias Tsatalmpasidis:

In the realm of insurance, particularly business insurance, each customer acquisition poses a unique challenge. This is particularly true for customers obtained through digital channels, as the premium and revenue they generate remain uncertain.

The diverse nature of businesses and their associated risks adds further complexity. Consequently, relying on a fixed cost per acquisition is impractical. Instead, we focus on the crucial metric of return on investment, prioritizing our overall return rather than ad spend per customer.

To address this challenge, we have developed machine learning models with predictive capabilities. One model aims to forecast the value of a customer, while the other predicts the tenure or duration of their engagement.

This post was a collaboration between

Lilian Oke, Charlotte Fords, Luke Richardson, Ilias Tsatalmpasidis

  • Lilian Oke

    Lilian Oke

    Lilian Oke is the Field Marketing Manager at Indeed.

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    Lilian Oke
  • Charlotte Fords

    Charlotte Fords

    Head of Brand Marketing & Engagement at heycar

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    Charlotte Fords
  • Luke Richardson

    Luke Richardson

    Senior Director of Brand & Comms at Pleo

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    Luke Richardson
  • Ilias Tsatalmpasidis

    Ilias Tsatalmpasidis

    Ilias Tsatalmpasidis is the Head of Growth at Superscript.

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    Ilias Tsatalmpasidis
Engage, convert, retain: Understanding and identifying your customers