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10 ways to make B2B blogs more enjoyable


When it comes to blogging, the B2B world can sometimes - wrongly - draw the short straw. Some businesses can neglect them entirely, besides the benefits it can bring (we've got an deep dive into the benefits of blogging and other content in B2B lead gen right here). There’s a common misconception blogs targeted towards other businesses need to be corporate (aka strip all the fun out of them), but that’s just not the case, and here’s how you can inject a bit of enjoyability into your next article.

For some more general writing tips, head here.

1. Talk like a human

No matter how interesting the topic, talking like a robot will get you a one-way ticket to snooze-ville. Type like you talk, keep it simple, and don’t be afraid to push the conventional boundaries - i.e. don’t let that red squiggly line stop you from experimenting with your words (caveat: within reason)!

2. Don’t forget the fun factor

Business owners, directors and managers still have a sense of humour, so don’t sap all the fun out of your blogs. Of course, it’s all about getting the balance right and knowing what works for your audience, but if you never try, you’ll never know.

3. Don’t baffle them with jargon

Being baffled by jargon is never fun. Ever. In fact, it’s actually quite irritating - especially if you find yourself having to hop on and off the blog to Google what it actually means. Talk in simple terms, and remember, just because you know what it means, it doesn’t mean the reader does.

4. Don’t publish a wall of text

Stay away from clunky chunks of text - they’re not enjoyable to look at or read. It’s amazing how much of a difference a few subheadings and succinct paragraphs can make...go on, give it a go!

5. Mix it up

Remember, blogs don’t always have to be written. Mix it up a bit and communicate using videos, presentations, and infographics too.

6. Use images - creatively

If your blog’s long, add a few images in along the way so it’s not too text heavy. Be creative with your choice of images too (they can be a good way to add in a bit of fun), and try and refrain from using the same, overly staged photos over and over.

7. Keep it concise

Business owners are busy people, so the last thing they want is to have to read through three paragraphs of mumbo jumbo before actually getting to what they want. Get to the point early doors and it’ll be a more enjoyable read all round.

8. Use examples

Examples can be a great way to bring your blogs to life and make them easier to relate to. So, instead of explaining, start showing.

9. Sentence structures

Writing is a craft. Not everyone’s good at it - nor are they expected to be. But when you’ve got a good writer on board, they can make even the dullest of topics enjoyable. Something as simple as mixing up sentence structures and playing around with semantics will soon start to ramp up the enjoyability-factor.

10. Reader participation

Whether it’s adding a quick poll half way through or inviting readers to leave a comment at the end, getting your audience involved with your blog is another way to get them more invested in the content.

For long term improvements to the blog, it pays to plan ahead. That's where a content calendar comes in, and we've got a guide to get you started right here.

Written by:

Bryony Pearce

Bryony Pearce

Bryony's the CMO for The Alliance, and by extension the CMO Alliance. She's been with the company since day dot and leads our marketing, courses, content, community, and customer success teams.

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10 ways to make B2B blogs more enjoyable