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Why most B2B marketers don't know what they're doing

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This article originates from Steffen’s talk at the virtual Revenue Marketing Summit in June, 2023. 

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The world of B2B marketing is filled with complex challenges, particularly when it comes to revenue marketing and the transparency of the customer journey. Understanding these aspects is crucial for marketers looking to drive substantial growth. 

I'm Steffen Hedebrandt, CMO & Co-Founder at Dreamdata, and my career has been dedicated to unraveling these complexities. My focus has been on identifying the real impact of marketing activities on revenue. 

In this article, I’ll share the why and how of navigating B2B marketing's often opaque terrain, ensuring your strategies are not just seen but felt in the fabric of your company's growth.

The complexity of B2B marketing 

B2B marketing is a convoluted terrain. Understanding what truly drives revenue is fraught with obstacles, primarily due to the intricate web of interactions and touchpoints that define the B2B customer journey. 

From the initial spark of awareness through various marketing activities and social engagements to closing a deal, each step is crucial and yet, often not fully understood or leveraged.

At Dreamdata, we're on a mission to illuminate the often opaque journey that accounts take toward a deal. Our goal is not just to spotlight the successes but to meticulously analyze and understand each interaction – be it through marketing initiatives, social media, word of mouth, or digital platforms – that contributes to or detracts from the ultimate goal: Driving revenue.

The primary challenge in B2B marketing lies in its complexity and the subtlety of its impact. Traditional measurement strategies fall short in capturing the nuanced and interconnected activities that truly influence a customer's decision-making process. This lack of clarity and understanding leads to missed opportunities and inefficient allocation of resources.

Many marketers stumble when it comes to accurately measuring their impact, often due to a reliance on oversimplified metrics or fragmented data sources. These common mistakes not only obscure the true effectiveness of marketing strategies but also prevent marketers from identifying and replicating successful tactics.

To counteract these challenges, I advocate for the development of robust internal data capabilities. By cultivating a comprehensive dataset that reflects the entirety of the customer journey, you can gain deeper insights into the dynamics at play and, importantly, how you can influence them in favor of revenue generation.

From identifying the most impactful marketing activities to ceasing those that fail to contribute to your bottom line, the journey towards understanding and optimizing the B2B customer path is both challenging and rewarding.

Written by:

Steffen Hedebrandt

Steffen Hedebrandt

CMO & Co-Founder at Dreamdata

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Why most B2B marketers don't know what they're doing