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The T-shaped marketer playbook

B2B marketing

Want to develop broader marketing knowledge? Are you an expert in one field but want to develop your skills in other areas?

Introducing the t-shaped marketer playbook! Your comprehensive guide to becoming a more well-rounded, t-shaped marketer.

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Why should you become a t-shaped marketer? 🤔

Well, by expanding your expertise and wider marketing knowledge, you can not only bring the best experience to potential customers but offer valuable insights to other teams which will serve you well throughout your marketing career.

And with more people than ever working from home, there are new challenges for collaborative working, with many marketing teams not getting the benefits of working together closely and absorbing additional knowledge like they would when working in an office space.

This playbook is a guide for individuals on their learning journey and for marketing leaders creating robust, effective learning and development programs.

Inside the playbook, you’ll find a guide to each of the main areas of marketing:

  • Email
  • SEO
  • Social media
  • Content
  • UX
  • Paid media
  • Video marketing

T-shaped marketers can harness their expertise and wider marketing knowledge to develop winning strategies across the board. Becoming t-shaped is also useful for career advancement in the marketing space, as you can work in a multitude of disciplines and climb the career ladder.

So whether you’re a content expert, SEO aficionado, or social media whizz, this playbook has something for everyone!

Find out how you can upskill to further your development, and discover how each area of marketing can work alongside the others, so you can work collaboratively across teams to achieve your marketing goals.

Download the report today and start your journey to become a t-shaped marketer!

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Written by:

Hannah Wesson

Hannah Wesson

Hannah has worked in content marketing since graduating and has a wealth of experience writing for a wide range of B2B and B2C companies.

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The T-shaped marketer playbook