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Spotlight on success: Nominate top revenue marketers for Ones to Watch 2024


Calling all innovators, trendsetters, and pioneers in the revenue marketing realm!

Are you or someone you know making waves in the marketing world, revolutionizing the way revenue is generated and brands are propelled to success?

We want to hear your story and showcase it to the world in our upcoming report: the Revenue Marketing Ones to Watch 2024.

*Check out last year’s Ones to Watch report here.

Why nominate or be nominated?

🌟 Gain unprecedented recognition: Be recognized as a rising star in the revenue marketing space. Your talent, strategies, and contributions will be highlighted in our comprehensive report, seen by industry leaders and decision-makers.

🌟 Amplify your influence: Elevate your profile and expand your network. Connect with fellow game-changers and potential collaborators who share your passion for driving revenue growth through innovative marketing approaches.

🌟 Open new doors: Unlock exciting opportunities for career growth and development. Being featured in our report can catch the eye of organizations seeking top talent, paving the way for exciting new ventures and partnerships.

Who can be nominated?

Nominees for the Revenue Marketing Ones to Watch 2024 report encompass a wide spectrum of impactful roles within the revenue marketing space.

We welcome nominations for professionals making significant contributions, including but not limited to:

  • Content marketers
  • Marketing executives
  • Digital marketers
  • Demand generation experts
  • SEO and SEM Innovators
  • Social media influencers
  • Email marketing strategists
  • Data analytics experts

If you or someone you know is making waves in any of these roles or related areas within revenue marketing, we encourage you to submit a nomination and be part of our esteemed report.

Don't miss this chance to showcase the exceptional talent and innovations that are shaping the future of revenue marketing. Whether it's your own achievements or those of a deserving peer, make your nomination today and be part of our exclusive report!

Written by:

Charley Gale

Charley Gale

Charley is the copywriter at Revenue Marketing Alliance. She has a passion for creating new content for the community. She's always open to new ideas, so would love to hear from you!

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Spotlight on success: Nominate top revenue marketers for Ones to Watch 2024