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Help shape the ultimate list of revenue marketing tools


We're putting together a comprehensive report on the top revenue marketing tools and we need your input!

As a revenue marketing pro, you know which tools help you succeed. Nominate your go-to revenue marketing tools by taking our quick three-minute survey.

Your nominations will help create the ultimate list of must-have revenue marketing tools that will benefit the entire revenue marketing community.

What’s in it for you?

By participating, you'll get ungated access to the finished report. You'll get to see which tools are essential components of every revenue marketer’s arsenal.

Don't miss this opportunity to make your voice heard and gain insights into the tools driving revenue marketing success today!

What’s in the survey?

The survey opens up with a multiple-choice question where you can choose which categories you’d like to nominate tools for.

These categories are:

  • ABM
  • Brand experience
  • CRM
  • Data analytics
  • Online visibility
  • Data collection
  • Demand generation
  • Market automation/AI
  • Multi-channel

Then, it’ll take you to a section where you can nominate your favorite tool for that section, and provide a reason why it’s so helpful. Easy as pie! 🥧

Thank you for helping shape what will become an invaluable resource for revenue marketers everywhere! We can't wait to see your nominations.

Written by:

Charley Gale

Charley Gale

Charley is the copywriter at Revenue Marketing Alliance. She has a passion for creating new content for the community. She's always open to new ideas, so would love to hear from you!

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Help shape the ultimate list of revenue marketing tools