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Revenue Marketing Alliance's Ones to Watch 2023

Revenue marketing

Find out who's leading the revenue marketing revolution!

Last year (in our previous life as B2B Marketing Alliance), we presented our B2B Brands to Watch in 2022.

Now, as the Revenue Marketing Alliance, we present our Ones to Watch in 2023!

With the help of nominations from our fantastic community, we’ve selected those individuals who are poised to make real waves in the revenue marketing space in 2023.

The report recognizes, showcases, and celebrates the amazing work being done in revenue marketing. Plus, our recipients provided their expert insights to some of our most burning questions. Discover their answers by downloading the report today.

We wanted to know what we can expect from the year ahead in the revenue marketing sphere. So download the report to discover:

  • The essential skills for revenue marketing
  • What revenue marketers need to be focusing on
  • Advice for those just starting out on their revenue marketing journey
  • Great revenue marketing achievements

With a focus on the year ahead, you can discover what revenue marketers should be doing as we head into 2023:

“I think that in 2023 we will see more revenue marketers focus on developing the right offline/online strategies, with cross-channel attribution at the core, and giving the right credit to each.”
Mai Fenton, Chief Marketing Officer at Superscript

“Marketers need to be highlighting how their offering drives revenue and customer engagement for their clients. Gone are the days of growth at any cost. How are you highlighting that your offering is revenue positive and that helps keep end users engaged and sticking around?”
Adam Gleicher, VP of Marketing at Bits of Stock

“If you’re not already having weekly meetings with your sales directors and sales team, then now is the time to do it. The more aligned you are, the better you’ll function as a revenue-generating organization.”
Jasmine de Guzman, Director of International Marketing at CivicPlus

Download the report today to discover the individuals you should be paying attention to in 2023!

Written by:

Hannah Wesson

Hannah Wesson

Hannah has worked in content marketing since graduating and has a wealth of experience writing for a wide range of B2B and B2C companies.

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Revenue Marketing Alliance's Ones to Watch 2023