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How to build high-functioning teams

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This panel, now in written format, was originally from our Revenue Marketing Summit London.

Everybody wants a high-functioning revenue marketing team, right? But what does that mean? And how do you find the right talent and keep them from falling foul of the scourge of quiet quitting? To help you get to the bottom of all these questions and more, Alysha Spencer-Pares, Head of Marketing at Shieldpay, moderated this lively discussion with…

💠 Nick Roberts, VP of Marketing at MotorK,

💠 Tom Livingstone, Head of Marketing at Talentful, and

💠 Renata Pasternak, Global Marketing Lead of HSBC.

Let’s dive in.

This post was a collaboration between

Nick Roberts, Tom Livingstone, Renata Pasternak

  • Nick Roberts

    Nick Roberts

    VP of Marketing at MotorK

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    Nick Roberts
  • Tom Livingstone

    Tom Livingstone

    Head Of Marketing at Talentful

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    Tom Livingstone
  • Renata Pasternak

    Renata Pasternak

    Global Marketing Lead of HSBC

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    Renata Pasternak
How to build high-functioning teams