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B2B Big Shots Speaker Spotlight: Div Manickam

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We caught up with Div Manickam, ahead of her panel discussion on Creating a Scalable Global Content Marketing Strategy as part of the B2B Big Shots Panel Series.

Video Transcript

Please could you introduce yourself?

Hi everyone. My name is Div Manickam, a mentor, author and an explorer. My core values are inspire, influence and impact, and I'm grateful for all the miracles of life exploring a portfolio life today.

What will you be discussing in the upcoming episode?

I'm super excited about this next episode that we have on content marketing, content is king. We all know it, but very few put time and effort into the right strategy to make sure that we're not just thinking of top of funnel, but going through the entire buyer journey experience and making sure our customers, our buyers are all there to understand how we can provide value and for us to understand their pain points. So I'm looking forward to this great session together with the panelists.

What nugget of wisdom are you hoping to leave attendees with after your talk?

With the experts in B2B marketing, we have lots of exciting information to share from experiences of what it takes to bring together a content marketing team all the way to what are some of our successes and failures that we have experienced when putting together a content strategy. So join us and you will be sure to take a lot of actionable insights away after this session.

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B2B Marketing Alliance

B2B Marketing Alliance

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B2B Big Shots Speaker Spotlight: Div Manickam