Marketing and Sales Alignment Playbook

Team alignment

Aligning sales and marketing departments can generate 208% more revenue from marketing campaigns.

But many companies feel their marketing and sales teams are yet to achieve alignment.

That’s why we’re delighted to bring you the Marketing and Sales Alignment Playbook!

With insights from expert contributors, actionable advice/guidance, and example frameworks, our playbook has everything you need to get your marketing and sales teams truly aligned.

Download it today.

Why you should align your marketing and sales teams

Getting marketing and sales aligned has a wealth of benefits. In fact, effective alignment has been cited as the number one factor attributed to achieving revenue goals.

When marketing and sales know how to work together, the results are:

  • Increased revenue
  • Improved customer retention
  • Better win rates
  • Increased renewals
“It is like love and marriage, for marriage to succeed you need love between partners. And the same thing for sales and marketing departments, if a company wants to grow and succeed, these two departments must work as one.”Radmila Blazheska, CMO, SecurityHQ

The playbook provides you with the ultimate guide to bringing marketing and sales teams together.

With useful templates and expert insights from those who know the true value of alignment, this guide has everything sales and marketing departments need for effective communication, productive meetings, lead scoring, and more.

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