GTM live workshops

The Go-to-market (GTM) motion within an organization is most successful when it is cross-functional and considered a continuous cycle. However, it can suffer when there is no clear leadership, accountability, or measurement of success. 

These live workshops aim to provide critical learning at the point of need for all functions involved in the GTM motion and explore each “stage” of the process to uncover best practices, resources, and strategies to propel an organization’s GTM approach.

Each week, join an expert to dive into different stages of the GTM process through live two-hour sessions where you can engage with your instructor and peers while designing and implementing your own strategy.

The best part? You and your peers from other functions are able to join the workshop that suits you so you can all be working to best practice, and cohesively for maximum impact.

Join one or as many sessions as you like. Which will you choose?
These workshops take place at 11am ET.

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Sprint 1: GTM motion and foundation

January 10 - Market research and the ICP

with Div Manickam

Join us for an interactive workshop where you’ll learn how to identify what problems your product will solve (and what NOT to solve) and use market research to validate these decisions. Uncover the secrets of building a robust Ideal Customer Profile, serving as the foundation for your Go-to-Market strategies.

Join Div.

January 17 - Competitive Intelligence

with Alex McDonnell

Discover the power of competitive intelligence with this workshop, and learn how to construct a sustainable CI program that will set you apart from the competition.

Join Alex.

January 24 - Go-to-market stages

with Collette Johnson.

Join us for an immersive workshop where you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of each stage of a GTM Motion. Delve into the pivotal question of whether to build or buy and explore the strategic considerations that'll help streamline processes for seamless execution.

Join Collette.

January 31 - Roles and responsibilities

with Clare Holmes

Finding the right people to support your org through each step of the GTM motion is critical and this tailored workshop will focus on the key traits and responsibilities of a robust GTM team.

Join Clare.

Sprint 2: GTM alignment

February 7 -Cross-functional alignment

with Hope Chauland

This comprehensive workshop will provide you with the skills and strategies you need to ensure your team is synchronized every stage of your GTM journey and look at different ownership models as well as how tech can serve as a catalyst for alignment.

Join Holly.

February 14 - Personas

with Div Manickam.

This dynamic workshop will help you master Persona's best practice, ensuring you’ve got watertight personas that meet the needs of all teams.

Join Div.

February 21 - Product roadmapping

with Aaron Brennan.

Setting up a sustainable product roadmap is key to a successful GTM process, but it can be difficult to ensure it speaks to the customer needs. Learn how personas should inform product roadmap decisions and how to ensure the roadmap stays true to your business goals.

Join Aaron.

February 28 - Lagging, leading and lever KPIs

with Mirze Rey.

Setting the right KPIs means you can ensure you’re actually measuring success for your GTM motion. This workshop will not only help you identify your KPIs but also cover problem-solving techniques tailored to prevent you from veering off course from achieving your goals.

Join Mirze.

Sprint 3 - GTM strategy

March 6 - Positioning

with Div Manickam.

This workshop will teach you the secrets to positioning your business for unprecedented growth while exploring the critical question of if and when to reposition. Discover how to unlock your business's full potential and propel it to new heights in the competitive marketplace.

Join Div.

March 13 - Narrative design

with Div Manickam.

Narrative design is critical to everything from securing funding to setting yourself apart in the marketplace. Understand how to craft the perfect story to propel you to success.

Join Div.

March 20 - Pricing and packaging

with Todd Aslup.

Pricing and packaging strategies have the power to make or break your product - this workshop will show you how to set up your committee, price effectively, and convert those prospects.

Join Todd.

March 27 - Revenue marketing

with Joshua Hoffman.

Marketing and sales working hand-in-hand isn’t just a dream. Learn the strategic approach of revenue marketing and the techniques and best practices to drive your marketing activities toward tangible revenue outcomes.

Join Joshua.

Sprint 4 - GTM delivery

April 3 - Sales coaching

with Jonathan Kvarfordt.

Elevate your sales team with this transformative workshop, dedicated to mastering the art and science of sales coaching. Take full advantage of expert guidance and proven coaching techniques.

Join Jonathan.

April 10 - Using data to manage sales

with Hope Chauland.

This workshop will guide you through establishing efficient and effective workflows, complemented by an intuitive sales dashboard. Empower yourself and your sales reps to make informed decisions directly impacting the bottom line.

Join Hope.

April 17 - Sales tactics: conversations

with Ankita Tiwari.

Sales teams who work around a problem and solution methodology can keep your product’s value at the heart of all their conversations. Learn how to help sales teams in their discovery calls through proper training and enablement materials.

Join Ankita.

April 24 - Sales metrics

with Vanessa Metcalf.

Discover the right sales metrics for your org and also learn how to successfully track these as well as how to make sure you’re hitting your goals.

Join Vanessa.

Sprint 5 - GTM growth

May 1 - Retention and churn

with Mark Higginson.

Everyone knows that retaining customers is less expensive than getting new ones, so learn how to create a sustainable retention customer journey that reduces churn and creates loyal customer advocates.

Join Mark.

May 8 - PMMs pre-vs post-launch

with Hope Chauland.

Set up your PMMs to lead the GTM charge by identifying which metrics they should be using throughout the GTM motion, and how they can drive the success of each stage.

Join Hope.

May 15 - Marketing pre vs post-launch

with Clare Holmes.

Learn the end-to-end metrics critical for marketers to measure Go-to-market success, from ideation to post-launch growth.

Join Clare.

May 22 - CS pre-vs post-launch

with Mark Higginson.

A Customer Success team is critical to driving sustained growth. Gain a deep understanding of the targets and success measures underpinning a thriving Customer Success program. Explore the key elements necessary to deliver outstanding customer experiences.

Join Mark.

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Your instructors

Alex Mcdonnell, Direct of Product Marketing at Airtable

Clare Holmes, CMO at Redsift

Div Manickam, Director of Product Marketing at Celigo

Holly Watson, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Amazon Web Services

Hope Chauland, VSenior GTM Manager at Microsoft

Jonathan Kvarfordt, Head of GTM Revenue Enablement & Product Marketing at Simetrik

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