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AMA | Tara Robertson | CMO at Bitly

B2B marketing

Ask me anything!

Get your questions answered by Tara Robertson, Chief Marketing Officer at Bitly!

🚀 Topic: Building your marketing organization and team

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All you need to do is comment your questions on this page at the bottom, you'll need to be logged in first though.

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December 1, 5pm GMT | 12am ET

💡About our host: Tara Robertson

Tara has over 20 years of global experience leading award winning marketing teams. With a passion for growth and results driven marketing, Tara builds full funnel marketing strategies and teams that drive both customer acquisition and retention. Tara’s leadership perspective and results have given her the opportunity to be invited to speak at notable Industry conferences such as SaaStr, SaaStock, INBOUND, SaaSfest (now RECUR), and more. Before Bitly, Tara was the CMO at Teamwork, and held marketing leadership roles at Sprout Social, Hotjar, and TSL Marketing, an Inbound Marketing agency. Outside of marketing, Tara is also passionate about her work as an ally for diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and serves on the DEI council at Bitly.

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Rebecca Boucher

Rebecca Boucher

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AMA | Tara Robertson | CMO at Bitly