State of Revenue Marketing 2022

Revenue marketing

Get the low-down on what’s happening right now in revenue marketing

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Revenue marketing is an exciting, fast-growing facet of the marketing world. To get a sense of where the future of revenue marketing is going, we’re delighted to present our first State of Revenue Marketing report!

From VPs of Revenue Marketing to Directors of Growth Marketing and CMOs, we asked those in the know how they attribute marketing activities to revenue, what MarTech they’re using to do it, and what their biggest challenges are for growth.

Download the report today to discover the status of revenue marketing in 2022.

Find out:

  • How common the revenue marketer role is
  • The biggest challenges to revenue performance
  • The state of marketing and sales alignment
  • The biggest roadblocks to good marketing and sales communication
  • The number of MarTech solutions companies are using
  • How revenue growth is attributed to marketing

Key findings

  • Measuring and reporting on marketing ROI is considered the top objective for revenue marketing.
  • Only 52.8% of participating companies reached their revenue goals for the first half of 2022.
  • 63.9% of respondents believe they will experience growth over the next 12 months.
  • A lack of data and analytical skills is considered to be the most common challenge for revenue performance.
  • Regular team meetings were cited as crucial for maintaining marketing and sales alignment.

And with insights from our expert contributors, you’ll discover helpful anecdotes to guide you on your own revenue marketing journey.

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