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This week at the Revenue Marketing Alliance, 17/03

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Demanding skills for marketers of today and tomorrow | Let’s Talk Revenue Marketing
In this episode of Let’s Talk Revenue Marketing, Eve Chen is joined by Strategic Marketer Jacqui Olver to discuss the in-demand skills and mindset that marketers need to succeed in marketing today and in the future.

Essential skills for revenue marketing
In our Ones to Watch 2023 report, we asked our nominees for their expert insights into a number of areas, such as what revenue marketers should be focusing on, and how they operate within their own roles. One crucial question we asked included what skills they felt were essential for every revenue marketer.

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@Millie McCaughrean is asking how do you ensure your marketing team copes with the demands of a growing business?

@Sarah Smith is asking if anyone could please share some tips on how to organically increase the impressions of posts on the company's LinkedIn page?

@Amelia Wilson is asking which marketing channels do you find to be the most effective in generating revenue?

@Marina Resto is asking is anyone has any resources that are B2C focused? Playbooks, templates, and frameworks specifically.

@Teresa Garanhel is asking what you would say are the absolute key components of a successful revenue marketing strategy?

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