Accelerate your revenue marketing career.
Develop your knowledge in everything from ABM to segmentation with ideas and resources you can apply to everyday projects. Learn today, apply tomorrow.
World-class revenue marketing resources worth $5,000+ in 1 membership dashboard.
  • RevMar Certified: Core
  • Masters courses
  • 100+ hours of OnDemand insights
  • 1 free in-person event ticket a year
  • 50+ templates & frameworks
  • Mentor program
  • Live GTM workshops
  • Members-only community
  • Discounts on events
What’s Pro+ membership?
Pro+ membership is our comprehensive course and membership subscription - a game-changer for marketers like you who’re eager to excel in their careers and stay ahead.

Gain access to an ever-growing bank of accredited courses, real-world case studies, tried and tested templates, and solution-focused events, all designed to fulfill your learning & development (L&D) needs and fast-track your career trajectory.
Why should you sign up?
Pro+ membership gives you an immense head start, allowing you to accomplish in months what normally takes years. With Pro+, you can:

  • Shorten your learning curve dramatically with instant access to comprehensive marketing education.
  • Solve work challenges faster by leveraging proven case studies and templates.
  • Stay on the cutting edge of marketing with the latest trainings and best practices.
  • Expand your professional network and get mentoring to take your career to new heights.
  • Show employers you’re serious about marketing excellence through a prestigious professional membership.
Pro+ compresses years of experience and resources into one convenient membership. Sign up today to fast-track your marketing competency and career growth.
“Revenue Marketing Alliance is a great place to learn more about marketing in general and about revenue marketing especially, they have expert and industry-leading guest speakers and mentors from leading companies in the market. Plus, a community of a wealth of knowledge and support and inspiration, it's a great place to learn and also get support, inspiration, and networking from members all over the world.”

- Mohamed Elgarem, Senior Marketing Executive at EIM Group
Learn from revenue marketing experts like:

Paolo Negrini, Head of International Marketing Technology at Adobe

Tyrona Heath, Director - Market Engagement at LinkedIn

Paul Shapiro, Head of Technical SEO, Growth Marketing Lead at Shopify

Tara Robertson, Chief Marketing Officer at Bitly

Tobes Kelly, VP of Revenue & Product Marketing at Transfix

Lorena Morales, Director of Global Digital Revenue Operations at JLL

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What’s included in the Pro+ subscription?
🔖 Revenue Marketing Certified: Core. Essential frameworks, templates, and insider secrets on leads and funnels, revenue growth, marketing campaigns, feedback loops, and team alignment.

🚀 All Master’s courses (coming soon). Deep-dive, 2-3 hour courses on everything from positioning to segmentation. Learn from tried and tested frameworks and raise your game in every element of revenue marketing.

🎟️ In-person events. A free ticket (RRP $1,295) to a Revenue Marketing Summit of your choice - the #1 way to stay up-to-date with the latest revenue marketing trends and grow your network overnight.
Everything you need to excel.
🎬 OnDemand content. Tap into the latest trends, success stories, and learning curves, with case study-led video content from Amazon, Mastercard, G2, and more.

✍ Real-world insights. An entire library of action-led content written by revenue marketers from orgs like Indeed, Pleo, LinkedIn, and more.

📒 Frameworks & templates. 50+ templates & frameworks to help you save time, streamline processes, and work off industry-standard documents.

🎯 Members-only community. Access to a private, members-only workspace to collaborate with fellow members and your cross-collaborative peers.

👥 Mentor program. Grow your personal and professional confidence with support and advice from experienced marketing mentors - or impart your wisdom and become a mentor yourself.

🎟 Live stream access to all Revenue Marketing Summits.
Live Go-to-Market workshops
Two-hour sessions with a Go-to-Market expert every week. Get targeted insights for all involved in the GTM process, unraveling each stage to unveil best practices and effective strategies. Make you next launch successful and as impactful as possible.

What to expect:

🧑‍💻 Real-time engagement: Connect and ask experts questions in live sessions and work through your challenges together..

🗣 Real-life success: This isn't just textbook knowledge, gain insights from GTM experts who've been there and done that at Microsoft, Airtable, Amazon Web Services, and more.

🧠 Real learning: With workshops running every week, you and your colleagues can join sessions at the point of need for cross-functional learning and success.

Find the full list of workshops and experts, here.


Are the courses and templates updated regularly?

Yes, we continuously update our resources to keep up with the latest marketing trends and best practices.

Can I cancel my Pro+ membership at any time?

Absolutely! We offer a hassle-free cancellation policy. You can cancel your membership anytime from your account settings.

How do I access the courses and templates?

Once you become a Pro+ member, you'll receive a personalized login to our platform, where you can access all the resources.

How does this subscription work?

Providing you keep your subscription active, you get unlimited access to a huge suite of courses and resources to help you throughout your career.

This includes all (current and future) Core and Master’s courses. Plus, access to all resources that are included within the RMA Pro membership plan (see what’s included here). You also get one free ticket each year to a Revenue Marketing Summit of your choice.

How much is this subscription?

You get all of this for just $1,999 a year.