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This week at the Revenue Marketing Alliance, February 23, 2024.

πŸ‘₯ Community meetups πŸ‘₯

RMA Sydney Meetup | February 28 | Revenue Marketing Alliance
We’re kicking off the new year with our first Sydney CMO/Revenue Marketing Alliance meetup on 28 February! πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸŽ‰ We look forward to you joining us for what should be an interesting panel and group discussion around β€œCurrent & Practical Applications of G…

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πŸ”₯ Hot off the press πŸ”₯

πŸ”₯ Data and creativity: A match made in marketing heaven, with Keith Povey [Podcast]

In our latest episode of Let’s Talk Revenue Marketing, host Paul Sweeney is joined by Keith Povey, Director of Revenue Marketing at Panaseer, a cybersecurity automation and data analytics company, to discuss how data can be used as a springboard for creativity in marketing.

Keith points to Netflix and Amazon as leaders in the data-to-creative flywheel, highlighting how they constantly test and learn from user data and use the information gathered to recommend content and tailor experiences. 

Ultimately, data and creativity must work as partners – not competitors – with data guiding creative direction and creativity bringing campaigns to life – to generate marketing that resonates emotionally yet remains accountable to results.

Catch up on the latest episode today! 🎧

πŸ”₯ Customer segmentation: What is it and how does it help?

Do you utilize customer segmentation in your marketing practices? If you do, great! If not, you’re missing out on a world of opportunity. 

Customer segmentation provides immense strategic value if you’re looking to boost marketing effectiveness, increase retention and loyalty, and foster deeper emotional connections with customers. 

But customer segmentation isn’t just a one-time solution. It requires careful consideration: What types of segmentation will benefit your business? Have you created detailed buyer personas to support your segmentation efforts? If you answered β€œyes” to either of those questions, we have two follow-ups: 

  • Are you seeing a positive return on your efforts?
  • When was the last time you updated your buyer personas?

Read the article to learn the key steps for creating buyer personas, and the three simple steps to enable growth-focused customer segmentation. πŸ’‘

πŸ”₯ Why a hybrid attribution model is a better approach to understanding buyer behavior [Article]

As a marketer, understanding the campaigns, programs, and channels that influence revenue is crucial for success. 

So, how are you determining whether your marketing efforts are performing well (or not so well)? Typically, this understanding hinges on using some software attribution tool and one of many attribution models available. 

You might find yourself asking questions like:

  • What is a Hybrid Attribution Model?
  • How can I incorporate self-reported attribution to build a hybrid approach?
  • Can collecting both quantitative and qualitative data help me understand the full customer journey and execute more cost-effective demand-gen initiatives?

We get into those questions in the article, so you can uncover which channels are impacting revenue and use this information to make informed, data-driven decisions about where to allocate your budget! πŸ’Έ

πŸ”₯ Processes for supporting sales and marketing alignment [Article]

Misaligned sales and marketing teams can spell disaster for an organization's revenue goals. But how can you get these critical departments, with their unique priorities and incentives, to work together seamlessly?

After surveying and collecting responses from marketers across different industries, locations, customer bases, and growth stages in our State of Revenue Marketing Report, we uncovered some unmissable info. 

Get into the details of how our respondents rate sales and marketing alignment in their company, why communication is key to alignment, activities to improve sales and marketing alignment, and more, in the article. 🀝

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