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RMAnow | How to Boost Your Confidence for Greater Impact | September 26, 2023


Tuesday, September 26
Time: 11:00 EST | 8:00am PST | 4:00pm BST

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Session Information👇

How to Boost Your Confidence for Greater Impact

To successfully shape the organization’s agenda and make a positive impact, marketers must be confident to clearly communicate their ideas, present their marketing strategies, manage suppliers and influence stakeholders across all levels. In addition, research has proven that people with high levels of self-confidence performed better in their job, experience more work satisfaction, and achieve higher salaries. In this high energy session, Pamella Barotti you share practical tips, techniques and exercises based on the latest scientific research, social phycology, body language and coaching techniques to help them to boost their confidence in their career and personal life.

About the speaker 🎙️

Pamela Barotti, Head of Customer Advocacy Marketing at Microsoft

I am a highly energetic, creative, and strategic global marketing, communications, and advocacy leader with nearly two decades of experience in startups, medium-sized and global organizations, including Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Mastercard, and Oracle.

I have led stakeholders and teams, and developed successful strategies and multi-channel programs across local and global markets, resulting in increased brand awareness, improved customer and partner experience, and supported multi-billion-dollar revenue goals.

I have served as a Board Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the world's leading professional marketing body, for four years, and I have been a Guest Lecturer at the University of London (Master’s Degree) for the last six.

My unique combination of corporate experience across developed and emerging markets, strong academic background, coaching qualifications, and passion for empowering people and organizations to grow and thrive through the power of technology, enable me to deliver transformative results as a leader in the industry.

Written by:

Tytti Hyysalo

Tytti Hyysalo

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RMAnow | How to Boost Your Confidence for Greater Impact | September 26, 2023